Arrested for a Massachusetts DUI (OUI)? Don’t let it ruin your life!

I will fight for your rights and protect your freedom to drive.

My primary area of concentration is Massachusetts DUI law and motor vehicle criminal defense. If you are arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts, call me immediately.

If you are dealing with other criminal traffic charges related from a traffic stop and arrest, such as Negligent Operation, Operating on a Suspended License, Reckless Driving, or Leaving the Scene of an Accident, I will help you with all of those charges.

If you’ve just been arrested and haven’t been to court yet on your initial arraignment, please read my What you Need To Know Before your DUI Arraignment page on my dedicated DUI defense website.

But do call to speak with me, and I’ll be happy to offer you a no obligation phone consultation. I’ll give you a quick impression of what I think of your case, and how I can help you before you have to make any decision to hire me.

It’s risk-free advice from an attorney who spends all day defending types of cases. You have absolutely nothing to lose.