Failure to Stop for a Police Officer

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Failure to stop for a police officer, or Refusal to Submit to a Police Officer is a criminal charge under Massachusetts laws, under Chapter 90, Section 25 of the MA statutes.

A failure to stop charge always follows some other traffic offense, which was the reason for the intended stop. It may have been a speeding ticket, or civil driving infraction, criminal action or warrant that led to the police wanting to pull you over.

You may think you are just being given a speeding ticket, but suddenly the officer is accusing you of refusing to stop and may handcuff and arrest you on the spot.

Sometimes a failure to stop can be purely inadvertent. You didn’t notice the officer behind you initially.

We also had cases where the officer said the person failed to stop, but really, the person was merely looking for a safe place to pull over. Especially on roads where there is very little shoulder, or highway construction going on.

Penalties for Failing to Stop

The statute says that failure to stop for a police officer can result in a fine of $100. Of course, most commonly, there are other offenses as part of this offense, whether it is a speeding ticket or other criminal or moving violation, or an OUI charge.

And the addition of a failure to stop may mean extra points on your license, which could be enough to put your license at risk of suspension.

Fighting a Failure to Stop Charge

clerk magistrate's hearing failure to stopYou can challenge a failure to stop citation at a clerk magistrate’s hearing, or “show cause” hearing. If we can convince a magistrate that the failure to stop offense was a mistake, we can get the entire incident voided, like it never happened.

I’ve actually had extremely good success winning clerk magistrate’s hearings over the years. A charge like this is very beatable. I’ll be happy to tell you what I think about your case, how I would approach it, and the book I wrote about winning at Clerk Magistrate’s hearings.

Contact us for a consultation on any Massachusetts criminal traffic offense.  Don’t accept a criminal record, or let the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles take your license without a fight!

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