Why Hire an Attorney to Fight a Traffic Violation in Massachusetts?

It can make all the difference in your case – when you hire a defense attorney to fight your traffic ticket in Massachusetts.

Criminal Traffic Charges

Because sometimes a “ticket” is not just a ticket, but a costly criminal offense.

The penalties for criminal traffic charges in Massachusetts range from fines and fees to loss of license, and possible jail time. Some criminal charges we’ve fought and won in every district court in Massachusetts, are:

  • Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, or Driving to Endanger, is a charge that can be defended, and in many cases, dismissed, based on your driving record. Operating to Endanger and NegOp can be fought and won since they are often only based on the opinion of the police officer. Especially if there was no accident, or physical or property damage, these cases can be tough to prove, so it is absolutely worth fighting a criminal traffic charge.
  • Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License is often issued to Mass drivers who have outstanding warrants in Massachusetts Court. We can help you clear those warrants and get your license reinstated.
  • DUI, Driving Under the Influence, or Drunk Driving is a very serious offense. However, there are many circumstances where a DUI is defendable in court. Breathalyzers can be wrong, and other field sobriety tests can produce faulty, unreliable results. Moderate amounts of alcohol under the legal limit, when accidentally taken with perfectly legal medications, can produce unexpected and unwanted reactions in your manner and driving. This could lead officers to believe, based solely on behavior, that an individual is suspected of driving while intoxicated. No matter what the circumstances, you will need an experienced DUI attorney on your side in court.

Traffic Tickets

It’s common to be scared, distracted, and nervous when you look in your rearview mirror and see you’re being tailgated by a police cruiser. Being issued a traffic violation isn’t shameful – it doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver – and sometimes it’s not even your fault. Fighting your ticket is your best option, and Mass Traffic Ticket is the resource for hiring a lawyer who is experienced with the Massachusetts Traffic Laws, and has the experience and knowledge to represent your best interests when defending your privilege to drive. Our practice emphasizes helping people with traffic matters.

It’s time to face the fact that you have been issued a traffic ticket in Massachusetts. Whether it’s as simple as having been pulled over for speeding, and you were not breaking the speed limit, or a more complicated excuse for why your license plate was not affixed to your vehicle, you can fight these citations. You may think you don’t need a lawyer – just pay the fine and move on – but you could be making a big mistake. Either way, you have to make a decision within 20 days. Don’t ignore the ticket. If you do, you’ll certainly face extra fees, and a possible arrest warrant and license suspension.

Traffic Ticket / RMV Penalties

Massachusetts RMV penalties are complicated. Mass has a graduated fine system, meaning you can pay a base fine and then have more charges added on top. It’s also one of the few states in the U.S. where the state and insurance companies doing business in the state set insurance rates together, resulting in The Safe Driver Insurance Program (SDIP).

Mass Traffic Ticket’s resources will help you research whatever charge you are up against, and is the place where you can contact the criminal defense attorney that can help you.